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The Arizona Folklore Preserve, in partnership with the University of Arizona South, and Dolan Ellis, Arizona’s Official State Balladeer, is proud to present the following concerts. Show time for the regularly scheduled Saturday and Sunday matinees is 2:00 p.m.; doors open at 1:00 p.m. Reservations are recommended. The cost for the matinee shows is $15.00 for adults and $6.00 for children 17 and under. (Click on the artist's name for more information. Click on the small "thumbnail" picture to see a larger image.)




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Ramsey Canyon

University of Arizona South

Sat. & Sun
Sept 19 & 20

Hans Olson

HANS OLSON is a veteran performing musician with over 40 years in the music business. He began his career as a lead singer in a Rock & Roll band in Southern California in 1967. By 1970, Hans had developed a very unique and powerful solo act.

"Olson manages a delicate blend of the grim boogie blues of John Lee Hooker, the wistful introspection of Bob Seger and the raw urgency of early Bob Dylan" says Joel Selvin of the San Francisco Chronicle.

Click HERE for a link to CD Baby where you can listen to samples of Hans' music

Hans Olson

Sat. & Sun
Sept 26 & 27

Dolan Ellis Arizona's Official State Balladeer.

The theme of this weekend show is "Autumn in Arizona"

Autumn is a special time in Arizona. To celebrate the season, Dolan will perform some of his songs and stories about places to go and enjoy this time of year, including "The Old Homestead," "Retirin' of Old George Cline," and "Summer is Over."

"Arizona is more than a's a state of mind".


Dolan Ellis

Sat. & Sun
Oct 3 & 4

Ronstadt Generations represents the multi-cultural roots America was founded upon. Dating back five generations in North America, Michael J. Ronstadt, younger brother of Linda Ronstadt, continues
the family tradition with his two sons, Michael G. and Petie.

These three voices -- all multi-instrumentalists and solo artists in their own right -- bring to life a repertoire that reaches back to the end of the 19th century while continually looking ahead into the
21st, with a rich innovation of original material alongside traditional Southwestern and Mexican songs.
Each comes with the highest credentials, having appeared around the world in performance and on recordings with such diverse artists as Linda Ronstadt, Los Lobos, the Dixie Hummingbirds,
Muriel Anderson, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and countless others.

Click here for a link to the video of them performing Ghost Riders in the Sky!

Ronstadt Generations

Sat. & Sun
Oct 10 & 11

Sugar Beats

Sugar Beats are Brenda Pratt and Becky Reyes. They have been connected over the years through family friendships and community events, but the love of music is what truly binds this duo together.

Sugar Beats started as a quartet, and though the group has gone through several changes, Brenda and Becky remained steadfast in their commitment to working together and harmonizing. Of late, Brenda has discovered that not only can she write a good song, the songs are coming to her frequently and joyfully. Becky has been writing and performing since 1988, first in New York’s Finger Lakes area, and in southeastern Arizona since 1998.

Brenda and Becky enjoy the experience of exploring different genres and studying songs in their structure and harmonies. As well as performing their own songs, they also perform iconic songs from decades past.

Scott Muhleman will be joining us as a special guest. Scott Muhleman is known statewide as a fierce blues harp player. He is married to Becky Reyes and by default, has been recruited as their roadie, harp player and sometime vocalist. Fans can also find Scott playing with other musicians in Southeast Arizona as Scott is a versatile and accomplished musician.

Sugar Beats

Sat. & Sun
Oct 17 & 18

Award-winning Western Artist Juni Fisher, Western Music
Association 2009 Female Performer of the Year. Also, Juni's
album "Gone for Colorado" has been awarded a Western Heritage
Wrangler Award by the National Cowboy & Western Heritage
Museum in Oklahoma City AND is the Western Music
Association 2009 Album of the Year

Click here for a YouTube video of Juni singing'Yakima' about the
legendary Yakima Canutt, early rodeo champion and Hollywood
stunt man/horse wrangler. It comes from her stellar CD project,
"Let 'Er Buck, Let 'Er Go, Let 'Er Fly'", produced for the
centennial of the Pendleton Roundup.

Click Here to go to to listen so samples of Juni's music
including her latest cd "Secret Chord".

Juni Fisher

Sat. & Sun
Oct 24 & 25

Dolan Ellis Arizona's Official State Balladeer

The theme of this weekend show is "Spooky Arizona Legends"

Celebrating Halloween, Arizona style, Dolan will perform some of his original ballads, including "The Mogollon Monster," "Little One-Ghost Town," and "Ghost of Coal Canyon."

"Arizona is more than a's a state of mind".

Dolan Ellis

Sat. & Sun
Oct 31 & Nov 1

Jon Messenger and Kerry Grombacher

Arizona singer/songwriter Jon Messenger brings to his audiences a hearty stew concocted from the influences of an eclectic musical background. Influenced by everything he’s heard, he likes to say, “I play what I can, and what I can’t, I want to learn.” Jon has been playing at gatherings, festivals, churches, parties, dinners, etc., etc., for a long time…almost exclusively performing Western music around the Southwest and points east, west and north of Sierra Vista, Arizona for nearly fifteen years with a smattering of Bluegrass and Western swing in the between spots.

Kerry Grombacher plays guitar and mandolin and writes contemporary folk and western songs, as well as country songs and ballads. He performs regularly at festivals, house concerts, coffee houses and other folk music festivals. He travels throughout the west appearing at numerous cowboy poetry and music gatherings.

Jon Messenger

Kerry Grombacher

Sat. & Sun
Nov 7 & 8

Nick McBlaine and Log Train

Peter McLaughlin is on stage once again, this time with friends and Tucson musicians Alvin Blaine and Nick Coventry. Alvin plays everything including banjo, slide guitar, harmonica, dobro, accordion, lap steel, mandolin, and pedal steel. He's also a great singer, a professional sound man for Old Blue Sound Company, and even builds his own guitars. Nick is a classically trained violinist. Based in California, he has also played throughout Europe. His specialty is the swinging style of Gypsy jazz violin. These three play lonesome old songs, new originals, fiddle tunes, traditional Folk and Country music, Bluegrass, Swing, and Americana, and they have fun with all of it.

Nick McBlaine and the Log Train

Sat. & Sun
Nov 14 & 15

Michael Grandé       Guitar virtuoso known for his
5-finger picking technique, guitar flourishes, soft, gentle voice, and rapport with his audiences.  His repertoire includes Western ballads, flamenco instrumentals and folk, pop and devotional songs.  Much of what he plays are his own compositions.

Michael Grande

Sat. & Sun
Nov 21 & 22

Jim Jones

Jim Jones tells it like it was, is and will be in the great American West. Native Texan, student of the West, he lives, sings and writes about cowboys, horses, cattle rustlers and such but he knows there’s more to the story…how the coming of the train changed the West, how critical water is for survival. Jim’s songwriting, guitar-picking and unique vocal style keeps him in demand on the Western music circuit and at house concerts, coffeehouses, schools and libraries throughout the country. His award-winning Western historical fiction novels are set in northern New Mexico, “loosely based in fact…basically, a pack of lies I made up.” They have educated, informed and entertained readers around the world. With seven Western albums and two Western novels under his belt, he is currently working on his eighth Western Americana album and the third novel in his Jared Delaney trilogy.

Click here for a video of Jim playing "Train To Chama" with Sidewinder at the AFP.
Click here for a video of Jim playing "Long May You Ride" with Bruce Huntington on Bass.

Sat. & Sun
Nov 28 & 29

Dolan Ellis Arizona's Official State Balladeer

The theme of this weekend show is "Arizona Trails I have Trod"

To celebrate the history and folklore of Arizona through his personal experiences and adventures, Dolan will perform some of his original ballads, including "Cowtown Keeylocko," "Magic Mountain," and "Many Cherry Canyon Boy."

"Arizona is more than a's a state of mind".

Dolan Ellis

Sat. & Sun
Dec 5 & 6

Trails and Rails
Take a journey with Trails & Rails as they explore songs from our musical heritage. And be among the first to hear a couple of brand new songs that just may become your new favorites!

In Duo, Trio and 'Quatro' formats, Trails & Rails has had multiple Western Music Association nominations for Best Traditional Group, Best CD, Best Song, Instrumentalist of the Year (Walt) and Best Collaboration of a Musician and a Poet (Walt with Les Buffham.) You'll find seven Trails & Rails CDs on iTunes, Amazon and

As members of the Pacific Southwest Railroad Museum, Walt & Paula also enjoy playing on the train and for events at the museum depot in Campo, east of San Diego. Train and cowboy songs are a natural fit, for without trains we wouldn't have had those long cattle drives to the railheads - the drives that gave us our national image of the cowboy.

In the current Trails & Rails Trio format, Duo Harmony winners, Walt and Paula, are joined by bass player extraordinaire, Mike Craig.

Such energy! Such fun!! Banjo-bass 'duets' by Walt and Mike just have to be seen and heard to be believed! (Rossini will never be the same . . .)

Click here to listen to some of their music on

Click here for video excerpts from a San Diego Folk-Heritage-sponsored concert given on September 8, 2012 at Templar's Hall in Poway, California

Trails & Rails

Sat. & Sun
Dec 12 & 13

Red Hot Rhythm Rustlers (Journey West, Marvin and Theresa O'Dell, Tom Boyer)

This is the band that brings you The Silver Screen Cowboy Project “Live” stage show – the tribute show to the B-western cowboys of the 30s, 40s, and 50s that is catching on everywhere!  The Red Hot Rhythm Rustlers combine the talents of Audrey McLaughlin, Gale Rogers, Dawn Pett, Tom Boyer, and Marvin O'Dell.  Their fun-filled show of western swing and cowboy tunes delights audiences of all ages.

Red Hot Rhythm Rustlers

Sat. & Sun
Dec 19 & 20

Way Out West

Way Out West is
Tom Poley, banjo, guitar and vocals
Emmy Creigh, guitar and vocals
Slim Rost, bunkhouse bass and vocals

Way Out West delivers a lively show of straight ahead Western music, both original and traditional, with a touch of Western humor and a generous amount of “bordergrass.”

Click here to listen to If They'd Only Won. The latest from Tom Poley's pen.
Plus you can listen to snippets of their songs on CD Baby here.

Way Out West

Sat. & Sun
Dec 26 & 27

Dolan Ellis Arizona's Official State Balladeer

"Arizona is more than a's a state of mind".

Dolan Ellis

Sat. & Sun
Jan 2 & 3


Established veterans of the Southern California music scene, Ken Wilcox, Mark Jackson, Bruce Huntington, and Tom Wolverton have come together to create Sidewinder, an exciting Original Roots Americana band. Mark and Bruce are established songwriters and have had a great number of their songs recorded and performed by other artists. Original Sidewinder songs are an important part of all Sidewinder performances.
Sidewinder performances are known for outstanding versatility and musicianship, and polished vocals and
solid three and four - part harmonies.

Be prepared for a fun and entertaining evening of good music, musical
versatility, harmonies, and just good old fashion fun.

Click here to go to Sidewinders music page to view them playing some of their songs.

“Sidewinder, the Finest Music West of the Pecos.”



Sat. & Sun
Jan 9 & 10

Tumbleweed Rob & the Southwest Junction

Tumbleweed Rob Wolfskill is a veteran performer who is best known as the Leader of one of the top acts in the Western Music genre called The Tumbling Tumbleweeds.  Rob founded, produced and directed the group since its inception in 2005 leading the group to win several awards including the Academy of Western Artists Western Music Group of the Year, the Western Music Association Crescendo Award for Most Promising Talent and the Western Music Association Best Traditional Album by a Group Award. 

Click here for a video of Tumbleweed Rob and the band performing "I Don't Want To Be A Cowboy Anymore"

Rob & The Southwest Junction

Sat. & Sun
Jan 16 & 17

Almeda Bradshaw

Her family's move to the country brought horses into Almeda's childhood and they remained a staple of her adult life. Almeda raised her family in north central Montana, while breeding and showing performance horses, running 150 cows and operating a seed plant and feed business. She now helps train AQHA performance horses with her husband, former Marlboro Man, Merritt Bradshaw, on the Yellowstone River in Huntley, Montana.

A multi-instrumentalist, Almeda studied cello and piano through college, has a BA in Elementary Education and is self-taught on the guitar, mandolin and various other stringed instruments. She taught students of all ages to play strings from her former private studio and retail store, A Room For Music, in Big Sandy, MT. Almeda has written poetry, journals and songs since her teen years and has been performing at cowboy gatherings throughout the west for nearly two decades.

Click here for a video of Almeda performing "A Cowboy Memory"

Almeda Bradshaw

Sat. & Sun
Jan 23 & 24

Dolan Ellis Arizona's Official State Balladeer

"Arizona is more than a's a state of mind".

Dolan Ellis

Sat. & Sun
Jan 30 & 31

Horse Crazy

Horse Crazy Cowgirl Band is a fresh and rare female western music trio. A rich harmonic tapestry draws audiences into a Horse Crazy performance.The spirit of the contemporary West comes alive with their unique, soothing harmonies. The music itself is varied with original compositions that offer a refreshing addition to the classics. Heart-strings are plucked by the finger-picking folk arrangements, and audiences' toes tap in time with beloved traditional western swing selections. Horse Crazy Cowgirl Band has created and unmistakable sound mixed with stories steeped in traditional campfire heritage, and is leaving an indelible mark on the frontier of Western Music.

Lauralee Northcott leads the charge with frontline bass, throaty vocals, and songwriting prowess. Jennifer Epps brings stirring vocals, yearning Harmonica and evocative percussion. Judy Coder seamlessly adds award winning yodeling, vocals, and swing guitar. The blend of three talented musicians creates a sensation and nostalgia that keeps audiences yearning for more.

Here are links to some videos on YouTube of Horse Crazy Cowgirl Band in action!

The Water is Wide

Paint The Town

Yodel Duet with Judy Coder and Jennifer Epps.

Horse Crazy

Feb 5

Gathering Friday


Sat. & Sun
Feb 6 & 7

Closed for the Coshise Cowboy Poetry & Music Gathering


Sat. & Sun
Feb 13 & 14

Carolyn Martin

2008 and the 2010 Western Swing Female Vocalist of the Year by the Academy of Western Artists. Carolyn’s latest project, “Cookin’ With Carolyn”, was nominated by the WMA as both the Western Swing Album of the Year and the Album of the Year, and Carolyn was nominated for the Outstanding Female Vocalist award by the WMA. In 2011, Carolyn was inducted into the Texas Western Swing Hall Of Fame.

Click here for a video of Carolyn performing "I Love You Honey" at the 2010 WMA.

Click here for Carolyn and band performing "That's What I Call Cookin"

Carolyn Martin

Sat. & Sun
Feb 20 & 21

Dolan Ellis Arizona's Official State Balladeer

"Arizona is more than a's a state of mind".

Dolan Ellis

Sat. & Sun
Feb 27 & 28

Joni Harms

Joni Harms is no stranger to success. She has been a winner of
multiple Academy of Western Artists Awards including top honor
for Entertainer of the Year in 2002. In 2003, Harms was named
Female Vocalist of the Year and accepted the award for Song of the
Year from the Western Music Association. Harms continues
building audiences through appearances on the famed Grand Ole
Opry and even an appearance at New York City's Carnegie Hall.

"Growing up, I learned to sing and write songs by listening to
Emmylou Harris, Dolly Parton, Merle Haggard and George Strait,"
says Harms. "I remember seeing Emmylou Harris, and, after
playing a while with the famous Hot Band, she returned to the stage
with just her black Gibson guitar and proved that you don't need all
the electronic equipment to entertain your audience."

Joni Harms

Sat. & Sun
Mar 5 & 6

Chuck Pyle

Admired as a sly humorist and an innovative guitarist, Chuck Pyle has performed for the Colorado Legislature, on Austin City Limits, and at Bill Gates' home. He's had his songs recorded by John Denver, Chris LeDoux, the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band & Jerry Jeff Walker. He sees what's best about America, writing songs about love lost & love found, forgetful cowboys, heroic highway patrolmen, and brain stems gone "critical".

Click here to go to the music page of his website where you can hear snippets of his songs.

Sat. & Sun
Mar 12 & 13

The Sonoran Dogs

Formed in 2011, The Sonoran Dogs Bluegrass Band have exploded upon the Arizona bluegrass scene, performing at the Sedona, Wickenburg, Tucson and Tubac bluegrass festivals.

The group is made up of seasoned veterans who have come together to enjoy bluegrass music and friendship. They play a collection of traditional bluegrass standards, new-grass, and original compositions. Every concert is different, as they often improvise the set to follow the mood of their audience. It makes for a fun and dynamic show.

The members include National Flatpicking Guitar Champion PETER McLAUGHLIN on guitar & vocals, Telluride Band Contest winner MARK MIRACLE on mandolin & vocals, Rockygrass Banjo Champion TYLER WALLS on banjo, and TAMMIE award winner BRIAN DAVIES on upright bass & vocals.

Click here to see a video of The Sonoran Dogs

Sonoran Dogs

Sat. & Sun
Mar 19 & 20

Bost Family

After seven years ‘on the road’ and over 1,000 live performances - the Bost Family Traditions have developed a highly entertaining, family-style show normally associated with seasoned Branson acts.

Arizona's First Family of Entertainment is a nine piece, family entertainment company from Cochise County, Arizona described by the Sierra Vista Herald as the “quintessential family band.” The band has been playing RV Resorts, festivals, community events, and churches full-time for the past seven years from Branson to Portland and in between. The band released their seventh album entitled “Big Family Barn Dance” in May 2010.

The Bost Family Traditions sound has developed into a unique, stylistic blend characterized by powerful, ‘western-style’, vocal harmony superimposed over the hard-driving instrumental tradition of Appalachia. Add a heaping helping of family comedy and it is easy to see why the Bost Family Traditions have been named Arizona’s Family Band of the Year multiple times.

Bost Family

Sat. & Sun
Mar 26 & 27

Dolan Ellis Arizona's Official State Balladeer

"Arizona is more than a's a state of mind".

Dolan Ellis

Sat. & Sun
Apr 2 & 3

Call of the West

Jeanne Cahill and Jerome Campbell have performed western music since 1991, and have been known as Call of the West since 1996.   Over the years, they have developed a deep appreciation of the wonderful art form of western music - the classic songs of the western movies, and legendary western swing bands - as well as the new music being written by the great singer/songwriters of today. 

Click here to see a YouTube video of them performing 'Mr Sandman"

Call of the West



All show times are 2:00 p.m. unless indicated otherwise, doors open at 1:00 p.m.. All other future weekend performances to be announced.

NOTE: As always, this schedule is subject to change. Performance schedule as of 9.10.2015

For a pdf printable copy of this schedule, click here. (If you can't view the pdf file, you need Adobe Reader, which can be downloaded for free by clicking here.)